Indirect Taxes

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What are Indirect Taxes?

Indirect taxes are imposed on goods and services rather than directly on income or profits. They are typically passed on to the consumer through the price of goods or services.

Examples include Goods and Services Tax (GST), Indian Customs duties, and professional tax.

What We Do In Indirect Taxes?

We specialize in providing expert advice on tax-related matters to individuals and businesses.

We Advise clients on the establishment of an indirect tax management system, in all areas i.e. GST, Customs, Foreign Trade Policies and Old Laws (Excise, Service Tax & VAT).

We help clients navigate complex tax laws and regulations, ensuring compliance while optimizing tax strategies to minimize liabilities. We assist in filing tax returns, representing clients in audits or disputes with tax authorities, and offering proactive tax planning advice to maximize financial efficiency and minimize risks.

Our services often encompass areas such as GST compliance, customs duties, foreign trade policies, Special Economic Zones (SEZ), and professional tax regulations.


  • All India GST Compliances.
  • Data analysis Tax Laws.
  • Liability Calculation.
  • Return Filing.
  • Monthly MIS of Indirect Tax Compliance.
  • Obtaining GSTIN

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